Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Eireann go Bragh

In preparation for the upcoming holiday, I decided to take a look back. I went though old emails (I knew there was a reason I kept all those!) and pieced together the Paddy's Days from the time I first set foot in Ireland. All in all, not a bad showing, but some of it was just plain funny.

1998 – St. Paddy's Day in Cork. Harp at the parade and debauchery and shenanigans at Jumpin’ Jack’s. What was I thinking?...

1999 – Boston – The Commonwealth Brewing Company with Scott, Dana and Sheila. The only place that didn’t have a $30 cover. I was wearing a white shirt of Sheila’s, and spilled Guinness all over it. I don’t know how I remember this…

2000 - St. Paddy's Day in Galway - Guinness with the locals. The Snug, Taaffe’s…actually, Shop Street in general.

2001 – Beer at home, I think. Boo.

2002 – 2004; the D.C. years. 2003’s email pretty much sums it up - "Never wear sandals to the Irish Times on St. Patrick's Day. God only knows what was in that puddle on the floor."

2005 – Marlintini’s, Blue Hill, Maine. Jazz band. Enough said.

2006 – Boston. TBD :)


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