Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pucks and Plato

So I was just reading this week's Bucci article, and ran across this in the letters section:

Your comment about Plato cheering for the Wings reminded me of a paper I wrote years ago in an intro to philosophy course. I compared Plato's "Republic" to the '72 Soviet team and John Stewart Mill's "On Liberty" to the '72 Canada team. Contrasting the two philosophies ended up being almost as much of a nail-biter as the ultimate series was. I ended up getting an "A" and it was one of the more fun papers I got to write while at school.
Thanks for reminding me of it. Greg Albert Ulsan, South Korea

Apparently this dude is my soulmate. And he is living in South Korea. Brilliant.


At 6:04 AM, Blogger Greg said...

So, funny story...I'm in an online hockey pool. That's not the funny part.

I had mentioned a few things I had written for magazine puff pieces and my buddy googles me to see if he can find the magazine articles. Instead he ends up finding your blog, which he links to in the hockey pool. And now I find myself sending a very random message to a girl halfway round the world who appreciated an email I sent to a hockey blogumnist over a year ago about a paper I had written for a philosophy course I had taken 13 years ago.

Don't you love it when life gets all random like that?


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