Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm irked

Rapidly approaching the top of my "annoying" list...

Dudes who go to the gym and take a stroll on the treadmill. Or worse yet, STAND on the treadmill and watch tv. If you don't have cable, that is not my problem!!! The gym is for WORKING OUT. I am here to do some MILEAGE. I just spent 20 miserable minutes on the elliptical, which I am apparently not coordinated enough to do because it makes my toes numb, while four such assbags wasted treadmill space.

In other news, I went to Hamden to see my bro this weekend, and he, Chad, Alli and I went out in New Haven. On the way in, they were talking about taking me to the "pirate bar", and how much fun it was going to be. We walked into this place, and Chad and Shawn told me that you can buy beer by the yard here. It comes in these ginormous glasses with wooden holders. I looked dubiously at this contraption and thought that I'd best start off with a pint. But still....it WAS Saturday night... And then, Shawn and Chad told me that the great thing about this bar is that the bartenders won't serve you if you just order a "yard" of beer. They'll pretend they don't understand you. You have to order a "yarrrrrd of beer" in the pirate voice.

Of course, I think this is awesome, and definitely would have ordered it in the voice, but I really just wanted a pint. Chad and Shawn are all disappointed and go to order our beers, while Alli comes over to me and says, "They decided it would be a good idea to institute the standing $10 stupid bet, like on Ed. The winner of the bet tonight was going to be the one who got you to order a 'yarrrd'. This is a Yale crew bar, not a pirate bar..."

What is sad about this is, if I had been a little bit thirstier, I would totally have done it.

I still want to go to a pirate bar.


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