Friday, July 08, 2005

The newest member of the family at camp last weekend. Isn't she a cutie?!

Fries with that?

So last night was pretty slow at the restaurant. I only had three tables, and I was wondering what I could possibly do to screw them up - I mean, three tables! I needn't have wondered.

Table 1 orders salads, apps and main course, and 15 minutes later, so does table 2. I get out the salads and apps for both, no problem. Everything is good so far. A main course comes up, and I take it to table 1, assuming it is theirs - they were the first to order, after all. They were having the veal chop and filet mignon, and although I know what filet looks like, I have NO idea what veal is other than it is baby something. I almost hurled when I saw what came up - it had bones and shit and definately looked like dead baby something, so I figured that was it. I deliver it, and the people eat it. Meanwhile, table 2's entrees are up; they are having the filet and the quail. I look at the filet, it is ok, but the other plate doesn't look quite like a bird, which is what I somehow know quail to be. In fact, it looks like a chop of some kind. It looks like veal. It looks like table 1's entrees. It looks like what should have come up first.

In the end, the chef was the only one upset (he's a bit high maintenance); the woman who got the quail ate it and said it was good, the other guy who had ordered the quail had another glass of pinot while he was waiting for his to be cooked, and I suppose someone in the kitchen had a nice veal dinner.

All the comes from being a vegetarian, kids. I have no freaking CLUE what all these meat products look like.

And table 1 stiffed me.