Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Slash and Grizzly Adams - You can't rock like me...
(only Shawn is going to get that.)

Satuday night, I went to a costume party in Somerville - my first actual dress up Halloween event in many years! I went as a flapper, but by the end of the night, I was just, "Hey, 1920's girl!" Or, in an inside joke from college that I had all but forgotten about, "Sha nay-nay!!" Good times, good times.

Also in attendance were the Duff beer man, 1940's girl (we won a collective prize for best costumes from random decades), Axl and Slash, the Swedish Chef, Dorothy Gale, and our host, a burrito from Anna's Taqueria.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You know you are broke when...

You are wearing your third pair of good lace underwear in as many days because you don't have enough money for the laundromat. If I had a boyfriend, this might be exciting, but the fact that I don't makes it pretty sad.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Good Day

It's been a bit of a rough haul, getting used to a new job, new school, new home, etc., but over the past week or so, things have been looking up. Working with the population I do, you can have really bad days, or really good days. There is seldom any middle ground. Bad days make you want to crawl under your covers and never come out, or at the very least, be one with the couch and a six pack of Sam. Good days are ridiculously good. I have started to have good days at work - not with the day to day job things, but with the kids. It sometimes takes a long time for them to get used to you, and that can be soooo frustrating. But, last night, the toughest little girl I work with finally said my name, which for her is huge. And instead of pushing me away (literally) and yelling "move, please, move please!", she said, "Excuse me, Shayna". You could have scraped my jaw up off the floor.

I have stimulus control! Yeah!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The map was a dissapointment

Time it takes me to drive from Westborough to Cambridge: 30 minutes.
Time it takes me to find Dana's house once in Cambridge: 45 minutes.

However, I am now VERY familiar with Mass Ave from the Charles to Harvard Square.
But in the end it was all worth it - a good night at one of my favorite bars with good friends and good beer.

And in other news, I have recently realized that I am out of the loop. (I probably exited the loop a while ago, but have just been in denial.) While watching the Little Mermaid with the kids at work last weekend, one of the other staff members remarked, "Damn, King Triton's pretty diesel." "Yeah...", I agree, not entirely sure what I was agreeing with and much dismayed that I am apparently too old to be up on the lingo.

I asked my brother, who is still young and hip, and, after the laughter and "Dude, you're such a dork" comments died down, he explained that "diesel" means that you've obviously been working out a lot. Like Vin Diesel.

Consider yourselves informed. And hip.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Game 3

The worst part about watching the Sox lose tonight? Having to listen to Chris Berman prattle on about how the 'dream is over', and 'it was a great run for the Sox', and 'what are the people of New England going to do now?'

Shut up, Chris Berman. The Boston Red Sox have been a playoff team for how many years now? They won the World Series last year, had another good year this year, and are one of the last 8 teams standing. How is the 'dream over'? We have a great baseball team. They didn't play as well as they might have, but you know...that's baseball. Suck it up.

Thanks for a great season, Red Sox. See you in the spring.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Smell the ice

Hockey is back!
And we have a free preview of NHL Center Ice; I am watching the Red Wings and Blues as we speak. Life is good.