Thursday, October 28, 2004

Boston Red Sox, World Champions!!

I can't even think right now. My brother just called me and told me that they were busting out the champagne and cigars. I just still can't believe it's real.

I'm heading up to New England for the weekend - I'll hopefully be more coherent when I get back!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Who's Your Daddy?

I have spent much of the last week watching every move of the Red Sox, waiting for the other shoe to drop. By the end of last night, I was pretty much a nervous wreck, wondering how they were going to screw this one up. And somewhere around Pedro's third 94 mph fastball in the 7th, I realized that they weren't going to screw it up. We were actually going to win. We were going to complete the greatest comeback in baseball history. We were going to the World Series for the first time since I was nine years old. And we got to POUND the Yankees in the process!

I really can't explain the feeling - somewhere between relief and elation. I think I am still waiting for someone to pinch me. But if you have time, read the Sports Guy's thoughts on this. He pretty much sums it up, including the CRAPPY announcing by Fox. One friend said she got so pissed that she turned on the radio and muted the TV. But, all is well that ends well. On to the Series.

I am actually heading up to Connecticut this weekend for Shawn's play, so I'm pretty excited. Not only for the play, but I will get to be a Sox fan in my natural habitat! Ahhh, New England. I don't think I have been this excited about a championship since Ray Borque won it all with the Avs. Yeah, Red Sox!!

Monday, October 18, 2004

1:23 am

Holy poo. Red Sox win in the 12th. Are we only prolonging the agony?

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Note to Terry Francona

You HAVE a freaking bullpen. USE IT!!!!

It's all good, though. We'll sweep the rest of the series. Jeter needed a little ego-boost, anyhow.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Excuse me...exercise hurts.

Never were truer words spoken. So I have decided to start running again. It has cooled off enough to actually exercise outside, and the pseudo-fall air is occasionally pleasant. Yesterday afternoon, I got off my bum and started this whole getting in shape thing by running around Lake Eola. Bwahahaha! Keep in mind this lake is already about half a mile from the apartment. No problem, I think, I can run laps around this lake!

Yeeeah, not so much. Halfway around, I was doing this odd sort of walk/trot thing (yes, I am aware of the unflattering horse imagery, but it was a pretty unflattering moment), trying to suck as many oxygen molecules into my lungs as possible. And then...this not-so-fit girl who had me by about 100 pounds SPRINTS by me, her hair flying in the breeze, her shiny new running shoes a blur. Ok, she didn't actually sprint, but she definitely passed me. I gave up. The lake had beaten me. I walked home, and it felt damn good.

Conclusions? Well, Lake Eola and me, round 2, 5 pm today. I need new running shoes. Dana told me earlier this year that they don't actually MAKE that kind of running shoe anymore. Kind of tells you how much running I have been doing in the last...8 years. Also? I see people with these little radio-thingys strapped to their arms. Now that I think about it, they aren't really radios, are they? They are some sort of newer, better, more MODERN device for listening to music. Like an MP3 player. Heh. I'm a dork. Long live the 8-track. At any rate, I need one of those. Maybe the right kind of music could help me. Like...the Boss. Baby, I was born to run!

Secondly, what is up with Elizabeth? Pining away in Mtigwaki over Warren? She so clearly needs to be with Anthony.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Damn you, TBS!

So I was watching Dawson's Creek reruns this morning (laugh away, my friends), and realized that I want to live in Capeside. Preferably in a little love-shack with Pacey. But no, seriously, there was this one exterior shot of Dawson's house, and it was sunrise on a beautiful fall day and the camera panned up from the creek across the lawn and to the house, and I was This is where I want to be. A nice, big old house on the shore (but instead of a creek, it would be a pond) with nice trees all around, a garden for all my little plants, and a porch to sit and drink tea on. Or possibly beer. I would have my big old kitchen, painted all white and green, a comfy couch in the living room and lots of shelves for my books. Hardwood floors, of course, and maybe even a little root cellar. Root cellars are highly underrated. I would keep my potatoes in the root cellar. Because in my house, I eat lots of potatoes. And fish that I have caught from the lake. Heh. Ok, well, maybe not. But you see my point. The only problem with this scenario is that I have absolutely no idea how to get there. Or who else lives in that house. I do have a little bit of a handle on what I do for a living, but getting from where I am now to there is a bit of along road. And I already feel old. Oh well. What is the saying? A journey of a thousand miles...etc, etc.

Maybe I just miss it being autumn. Annmarie went apple-picking last weekend. And she planted mums in her window boxes. The mums they sell down here are sad, crumply little things that say, "I'm too hot! I'm not a tropical plant! Take me back to New England, you crazy people!" Hmmm...maybe I'M not a tropical plant. (I can't believe I'm relating to foliage. I need ot get out more.)

In other news, Alli came to visit this weekend, and it was a wonderful time. We went out (the less said about that, the better), we laid by the pool (laying out in October goes in the + column for Florida), we shopped, I found a new Mustard Seed, which made me pretty happy. Mostly, though we just hung out and talked; it was great to talk with someone from home who knew you before you were, well, you know. Before you got all sappy about Dawson's Creek reruns on a Wednesday morning.