Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Only in Ireland

This was on the front page of the Galway Advertiser a few weeks ago. I love it. The old woman is actually a Galway legend; Ryan I think her name is, but I don't really remember. I used to see her every day walking around the city. She was rumored (despite appearances) to have more money than God.

What REALLY rocks about this photo is that the Advertiser could easily have cropped her out of the photo and just had the oyster princess and the mayor or whatever. But they didn't. You've gotta love the Irish.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Curtains, Ray Bourque and the Sox

I don't know why, but ripping down hideous vertical blinds makes me very happy. Putting up pretty red silk curtains that make our new living room seem a real home makes me even more happy.
That's right, I finally have a home in Massachusetts. After a MONTH of temporary housing, I am living in - I shit you not- the Fountainhead apartments. Somebody had a warped sense of literary humor. (The apartments in the book The Fountainhead were actually blown up by the architect's girlfriend...)

At any rate, I was sitting here in my pretty new living room, procrastinating and watching David Ortiz come through for the Sox YET AGAIN, when I remembered something from the Stanley Cup finals a few years ago. It was game 3, in the locker room before the third period, tied 1-1, a must win for the Avs. Someone asks, "Ok, who's gonna get the next goal?" Nobody answers and the silence gets a little awkward. Then the MAN, Ray Bourque stands up and says, "I've got it." And he did, shortly into the third. The Avs went on to win the Cup.

David Ortiz has "got it" for the Sox. And he has for quite some time now. I think it's time for somebody else to stand up in the locker room.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The big MA

So I'm a little behing with ye olde blog. Sorry. Three weeks of training, temporary housing - I still am not settled in a permanemt place, and the all around getting used to a new job, new friends, new place, etc. has put a crimp in my routine.

I have, however noted several good things about Massachusetts:

Barry's Gold Blend tea and Cadbury's Caramello bars IN THE SUPERMARKET!!

Good pints of Guinness

Lots of nice places to run; some amidst Revolutionary war sites - pretty neat stuff!

But most importantly, I am finally close to most of my friends and family. :)