Friday, August 05, 2005

The South Bubble

This week, my aunt, uncle, mom and I went on our annual Acadia NP hike. We chose what we thought would be a 'moderate' hike, but, as we took a slight wrong turn on the trail, we ended up 'hiking' the South Bubble from its 'difficult' face. I use the term 'hike' looslely, as the ascent involved much use of hands and arms, as well as several butt-boosts. At one point we met a father and his two pre-teen daughters on their way down the south face, and, as we were all providing words of encouragement for the understadably harried-looking girld, my uncle saw fit to impart these words of wisdom:

"Good job. Challege DEATH everyday!"

We were all proud.

The photo is mom and I on the top with the balancing rock, otherwise known as glacial freight.